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Flexible Packaging Flexible Packaging

Choosing an accurate packaging material for your product is an essential part of the flexible packaging process. We can laminate a wide range of custom film structures that protect the food items from moisture and oxygen. Wide variety of options gives the packaging the required aesthetic appeal thereby increasing the premiumness.


These films can be used for Surface printing or Laminated with a reverse printed film to add aethetics and stiffness

Multi-layer Barrier Films have a longer shelf life and greater mechanical strength. We manufacture multi layer barrier films using Nylon and EVOH for requried barriers from oxygen.In cooked foods or pasteurization applications, multi-layer barrier films can protect food products from nutrient loss. These impervious films also provide functional properties like preserving oxygen, aroma and locking out moisture and light. The thickness of these multi-layer barrier films varies, and they are available in a variety of colors.


The oxygen barrier plays a vital role in food packaging. Our multi-layer barrier films PE-Nylon- PE or PE-EVOH-PE offers puncture resistance and preserves the product increasing its shelf life. We can offer oxygen transmission rates of less than 10 cc/m2 per 24hours.


Our multi-layer barrier films offer extremely high moisture barriers if your product is sensitive to moisture. For moisture barrier you can opt for PP – NYLON- PE surface printed films or BOPP laminated films. We can offer moisture transmission rates of less than 10g/m2 per 24 hours.


If the aroma denotes the quality of the product and authenticity , then our multi-layer barrier films are a perfect fit for it. Food, liquids, or essential oils associated with aroma and flavor are typically present in minute concentrations, making retention difficult. We provide multi-layer barrier films for a wide range of products that require flavor and aroma retention. Our multi-layer barrier films can provide oxygen, moisture, and aroma barrier at the same time.

Light Barrier

The percentage of incident light that passes through a film gets referred to as light transmission. Light gets effectively blocked by opaque and metalized films . Degradation due to rancidity and product color change necessitates the creation of oxygen and light multi-layer barrier films. We provide this solution for UHT Milk and UHT juice packaging.

Infrastructure Capabilities Infrastructure Capabilities

An organization’s infrastructure must be robust for it to grow and develop. As a result, we have created a solid infrastructure unit outfitted with cutting-edge machinery and technology to facilitate business processes execution. We also package our products in high-quality packaging materials to keep them safe from outside elements. Additionally, our customized packaging suits various types of products and helps meet the needs of our clients.

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